Womens Clinic in Johannesburg - Abortion Clinic Ghandi Square
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Womens Clinic in Johannesburg

Safe Womens Clinic in Johannesburg

Welcome to women’s clinic in Johannesburg. This is a safe place for women, where they get healthcare services that affect them, and more importantly, a place where they can get safe abortion advice. We have a a safe abortion clinic in Johannesburg for women, where there are doctors who are able to give them safe abortion advice, if they are looking to take the road of terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

Our priority at Womens clinic in Johannesburg  is to make sure that our women feel safe, that they are comfortable and that their privacy is guarded.

Your safety is very important to us, because we have worked hard to create a place a where a woman can come and be at peace, and know that she is in safe hands, and that she can get the help she needs safely.

Also, making sure our women are comfortable is something we thrive for every day. because we know how being uncomfortable is like, we never want our women to go through that kind of a feeling. Our  womens clinic is a haven for women to be able to come and get help without feeling any kind of judgement, but come knowing that they will be safe and comfortable here.

Very important to us also, is the privacy of our women. We know just how emotional this time may be for you, and we know that you don’t want your personal life to be a public one. That is why we ensure that your safely and privacy is guaranteed, so that you can come to us with peace of mind knowing that you are protected, and    that everything about you is kept private and discrete.